Cathedral Volunteers

There are over 250 volunteers working in different areas of the cathedral. The time given and the dedication of them all cannot be praised highly enough. The volunteers enable the smooth running of so much of the cathedral's life. Without them the day-to-day activities and friendly reputation of Worcester Cathedral could not be maintained. Volunteers work in the following areas:

Welcoming Visitors

Welcomers are available in the cathedral every day to welcome visitors and to answer any questions. They wear green sashes so are easy to identify.†

Giving†Guided Tours†

Guides†have been trained and are available, by arrangement, to undertake guided†tours .

Guiding Schools†

School Volunteers help and support our Educational†Officer in the delivery of educational programmes within the cathedral for the many school visits we have during the year.††


A small group of voluntary vergers help and support our full time vergers in all of their duties, including the ceremonial duties during worship.†

Helping at Services†

Servers assist during Eucharistic services and as Crucifer and Acolytes.† The current team include a wide age range.†

Singing in the Voluntary Choir†

A voluntary†choir of men and boys is part of the musical life of the cathedral and sings at regular services each week.†

Bell Ringing

The cathedral has sixteen bells and there is a voluntary group of bell†ringers who as well as ringing for normal services also ring for special occasions during the year.

Flower Arranging†

The Flower Guild provide and arrange flowers in the cathedral and a number of the chapels on a weekly basis throughout the year. They also arrange the flowers for special occasions, such as weddings, major services,cermonies and functions. Skilled flower arrangers are most welcome to join the guild, please apply to Mrs Helen Cook, c/o The Chapter Office.†


The Guild of Embroiderers look after the kneelers and cushions in the cathedral and also take commissions from other churches.†

Library assistants†

The Librarian†is helped by a group of volunteers who catalogue &†index†cathedral archives. Clean books, do research and sometimes help with tours.††

Archaeology helpers†

From time to time the Cathedral Archaeologist receives†help to wash bones and for†archaeological project work around the Cathedral site.†

Cathedral shop and Cloister Cafe assistants†

Volunteers help staff†by serving†customers and aiming to give excellent customer care. In the Gift†shop, volunteers help with incoming stock pricing, dusting shelves and tidying merchandising. In Cloister Cafe†coffee shop, volunteers work front of house serving refreshments and†clearing tables.††

If you have any time to spare and wish to offer your services in any area of the cathedral's work, please speak to Susan MacLeod, Operational Manager -

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