Becoming a Member of the Cathedral Community Roll

Congregation__procession.jpgThe Cathedral is people and the people are the Cathedral.  For although the building may be dominant in our minds when we hear the word ‘cathedral' and, of course, it has and will outlast each individual's span of life, nevertheless the life of the cathedral is to be found in its people, all who have, are and will be, associated with its activities!

The Cathedral Community Roll is the membership list of the Cathedral's ‘people'.  In order to join the Roll you need to be: 

  • Sixteen years or over; 
  • Baptised;
  • A member of the Church of England, or of a Church in communion with it;
  • Regularly attending public worship at the Cathedral for at least the past six months

If you would like an application form for the Cathedral Community Roll please contact Susie Arnold at

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