Why is the Christian faith still important today?

The Christian faith is rooted in events that took place long ago, but, for believers, these events still have the power to shape and transform peopleís lives. How is this?

We say that, in Jesus, God was among us. God chose to live in the world he created. God, we believe, demonstrated that a concern for the world and its people in doing this. Even now, in our daily lives, we know that God is concerned for us and loves us.

Jesusí teaching is timeless, even though it was delivered at a particular moment in history. Jesus teaches us to love one another, even the people we donít like. He invites us to think about how we use our money, our talents, our lives for the service of God and other people. He shows us that God has a concern for the poor and the sick, and not just the wealthy and successful Ė and we should be concerned for them too.

Jesus death reminds us that God knows and understands the deepest of our pains, because he has experienced them. Jesus suffered physical torment on the cross, the sadness of being abandoned by his friends and even the anguish of spiritual doubt.

Jesusí resurrection from the dead tells us that beyond death there is life. Death is not the end. This is a belief that has sustained people in grief for centuries. It also points us to the possibility of transformation in our lives even now: no situation is so desolate that it canít be transformed by life and love. No person is beyond the love and hope of God.

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