What is the Church?

The Church is a collection of people who try, as best they can, to love God and follow Jesus. There are many expressions of this Church, many varieties and styles of practice and teaching. Sometimes, like any other collection of human beings, we disagree about the best ways to live out the faith in our own time. Rather like an enormous family, we share a common identity, even if we donít always agree with each other! The beauty of the Church, though, lies in its variety as well as its unity.

You might like to explore some of the churches near to where you live

Or you might like to come here to the Cathedral

and join others as we worship God together.

We come together to find strength and encouragement from fellow Christians. We learn from one another as we try to live out our faith day by day. We pray, sing hymns and listen to readings from the Bible. We also share in the Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, the meal of bread and wine that Jesus left his followers to remember him by.


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