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Symposium Report Contents:



  1. Documents - their uses & the pitfalls
  2. Gravestone recording in College Yard
  3. Worcester Castle
  4. Recent Archaeological Excavations
  5. Ground Radar Surveys
  6. Worcester Cathedral Precinct
    Building Materials
  7. The Plan of St Mary's Priory, Worcester
  8. The Old Palace 
  9. The Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Precinct
  10. Developing a Research Framework
  11. Recent Investigations Within the Precinct


  1. Recent Archaeological Investigations
  2. The Decision to Demolish the Guesten Hall, Worcester
  3. The Archaeology of the Nave Roof
  4. Illuminated Manuscripts
  5. Gilbert Scott Chancel Screen
  6. Excavations in Hereford Cathedral Close


  1. Work in the Precinct since the First Symposium
  2. Survey Work on the Edgar Tower
  3. The Edgar Tower, Worcester
  4. College Green in the 19th Century
  5. Hereford Cathedral Precinct
  6. Problems with the reconstruction of the monastic topography
  7. Conservation of the Cathedral and its Precinct 


  1. Archaeological Work in 1994/95
  2. The Tower Statues
  3. The medieval polychromy of Worcester Cathedral
  4. Aspects of the Romanesque Architecture of Gloucester Abbey
  5. The Worcester Heritage Information Database
  6. Catalogue of Recent Investigations


  1. Archaeological Work in 1992
  2. 5a College Yard
  3. Worcester Cathedral & the English Civil War 1642 - 1651
  4. The Warndon Project - A Development Philosophy Survey,
    Recording & Dating at Worcester Cathedral
  5. A Summary of evidence concerning the high roofs of Worcester Cathedral


  1. Archaeological Work in 1995/96
  2. The Refectory Undercroft
  3. King John, Henry III and the Quire of Worcester Cathedral
  4. The Giffard Monument


  1. Archaeological Work in 1996/97
  2. Archaeology meets Architecture
  3. Excavations at Worcester Cathedral Chapter House Lawn 1996
  4. Worcester Cathedral as a Source of Forest & Woodland History
  5. The Appreciation of Worcester Cathedral 1540 - 1840
  6. Some Tremors at the Foundation of Prince Arthur’s Chantry
  7. Prince Arthur’s Chantry


  1. Archaeological Work in 1999/2000
  2. Archaeological Investigations at Hostel House, 5 College Green
  3. Chapter House Lawn Excavations
  4. Tree-ring Dating of the Eastern Roofs
  5. Some Thoughts on the Archaeology of Worcester Cathedral
  6. Catalogue of Recent Investigations


  1. Archaeological Work in 1997/98
  2. Photogrammetry & Future Developments
  3. Excavations at Worcester Cathedral Chapter House Lawn 1997
  4. Thirteenth Century Grisaille Window Glass from Worcester Cathedral
  5. The Layout of the Monastic Church, Cloister & Precinct of Worcester: Evidence in the Written Records
  6. Rediscovered 14th-Century Sculptures from the Guesten Hall


  1. Archaeological Work in 2000/2001
  2. Choir House, 3-4 College Green
  3. Brief Thoughts on Pinnacles
  4. Tree-ring Analysis of Timbers from the Roof of the St John Chapel
  5. Barker and After - A Perspective on Worcester’s Archaeology from 1965 to 2001 and Beyond


  1. Archaeological Work in 1998/99
  2. The Stones of Worcester Cathedral
  3. Ecclesiastical Exuberance:Feasting at Worcester Cathedral in the 17th-Century
  4. Poetry
  5. R A Briggs & the Jesus Chapel
  6. 9 College Green



  1. Archaeological Work in 2001/2002
  2. Monastic Catering at Worcester Cathedral Priory in the Later Middle Ages
  3. The Victorian Restoration of Worcester Cathedral and the Joint Restoration Committee
  4. Ancestor Research at Worcester Cathedral
  5. Worcester Cathedral and Castle c. 1250: Making the Model


  1. Archaeological Work in 2002/2003
  2. Churchyard Lichens
  3. Worcester Castle Site, the Precinct Wall and Castle House, 6 College Green
  4. The Worcester Pilgrim: A Tale of Two Citizens
  5. A Personal View


  1. Archaeological Work in 2005/2006
  2. A Stole, Maniple and Four Other Embroidereries in Worcester Cathedral Library
  3. Medieval Ecclesiastiacal Effigies in Worcester Cathedral - Part 2
  4. Archaelogy of the Mind 



  1. Archaeological Work in 2003/2004
  2. Tree-ring Analysis of Timbers from the Roofs of the Lady Chapel Aisles and the Quire South Aisle
  3. Evaluation at the Cathedral Roundabout
  4. The Restoration Programme 1988 – 2003


  1. Archaeological Work in 2006/2007
  2. Quire Organ: Formation of Triforium Arches 
  3. The Mystery of Prince Arthur's Chantry
  4. Sir Gilbert Scott's Vision for Worcester Cathedral
  5. Medieval Ecclesiastical Effigies in Worcester Cathedral - Part 3


  1. Archaeological Work in 2004/2005
  2. Medieval Medicine at Worcester Cathedral Priory
  3. The Floor Tiles of Worcester Cathedral – Ancient and Modern
  4. Medieval Ecclesiastical Effigies in Worcester Cathedral – Part 1
  1. Archaeological Work in 2007/2008
  2. Remembrance of Things Past - the lost context of Prince Arthur's Chantry
  3. Medieval Effigies of Ladies in Worcester Cathedral
  4. St Wulfstan's Hospital - The Commandery Excavations


  1. Archaeological Work in 2008/2009
  2. The Victorian Music Controversy
  3. Nuns and the Cathedral
  4. From Cattle to Crab:  1000 Years of Ecclesiastical Consumption at Worcester Cathedral



  1. Archaeological Work in 2009/2010
  2. The Rectory Undercroft
  3. The Human Remains from the Chapter House, Worcester Cathedral
  4. The Old Palace, Worcester


  1. Archaeological Work in 2010/2011
  2. Memories Of A Lay Clerk [& Others]
  3. Prince Arthur’s Chantry Chapel, Worcester Cathedral: Keeping Things In Proportion
  4. Worcester Cathedral Crypt – An Analysis


  1. Archaeological Work in 2011/2012
  2. The Blessings of Wulfstan of Worcester: Books, Benedictions and the Late Anglo-Saxon Episcopate
  3. Worcester Cathedral and the Great War
  4. The Lyttleton Family Monuments in Worcester Cathedral
  5. The Stables


  1. Archaeological Work in 2012/2013
  2. One ‘Of the Old School, Solid, & Good, and a Gentleman’: William Done of Worcester Cathedral, 1844-95
  3. Worcester Castle and Worcester Cathedral
  4. Some Observations on the Medieval Fabric of the Old Palace
  5. Wulfstan and 1066
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