Praying and reading the Bible

We donít just believe in God when we are in church. The Christian life is lived out for the rest of the week, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We can do this by taking time, every day, to read the Bible and to pray.

We read the Bible because it tells us about God, about Godís dealings with his people, and about Jesus. You can find many resources to help you read the Bible.

Try, Paula Gooderís excellent book, The Bible: a Beginnerís Guide, which†will be†available in our shop†soon.

Or look at†Read the Bible in One Year†for a downloadable way to read the Bible, with a helpful commentary.

Prayer is the foundation of our personal relationship with God. We take time to be with God, offering him our thoughts, our concerns and hopes. We listen and we acknowledge his presence with us Ė which we so often miss or ignore as we rush about our busy lives. You can read more about prayer.

Please be assured that, if you have been in the cathedral, we have prayed for you. We regularly pray for visitors, whether you call yourself a Christian or not. You are, we believe, Godís precious child, and you are loved by him, just as we are.


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