Worcester Cathedral will be commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to America and also the life of Pilgrim Father Edward Winslow.  

Edward Winslow (1595—1655), was born at Droitwich, here in Worcestershire. He attended the King’s School Worcester (KSW) from the age of 11 in 1606 until 1611. At that time the King’s school was situated within Worcester Cathedral precinct. Edward would have been familiar with many areas in and around the Cathedral, including College Hall which is thought to have been the  school room at that time, and also the Cathedral's medieval library. College Hall is a former monastic refectory and is still used by both the King's School and Cathedral today.  

The Cathedral is an ideal stop for heritage lovers with history going back fourteen centuries. It also has an interesting connection to the famous and historic Mayflower that set sail for the New World in 1620. Pilgrim Father Edward Winslow was on that ship and made significant contributions to the new colony of Plymouth in America.  

The Cathedral is offering Mayflower 400 tour packages for groups. These can include a tour of the Cathedal, a tour of the library or a full 'Mayflower 400 Pilgrim Day''.
We are also offering a Mayflower: Faith and Freedom Conference that will take place over two days.  The conference will be held here at Worcester Cathedral and in the King's School Worcester Theatre on Friday 17 and Saturday18 April 2020. Join us to explore life and religion in 17th-century England and the New World. Who were the Pilgrim Fathers, what led them to America, and what did they acheive?

Watch our website and social media for more information to come soon!

Click here to register your interest in attending the Mayflower conference or to arrange a Mayflower tour for a group.    

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