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Conservation is a very important ongoing matter for all historic libraries and archives. Some of these recent projects are listed below in detail but others have included the conservation and rehousing of the Worcester Medieval music fragments, and the repair of a medieval register from the late fifteenth century both of which were made possible by private benefactors.

Recent Major Conservation Projects

New Storeroom and Catalogues

Worcester Cathedral has benefited from grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends of Worcester Cathedral. They helped to fund the construction of a conservation store room for the medieval manuscripts and medieval archives of Worcester cathedral priory, and for a cataloguer to put the Music Collection and Victorian Correspondence catalogues of the Dean and Chapter onto Access databases. Copies of these databases have been distributed to The Elgar Birthplace Museum, Worcester City Library, and Worcestershire County Record Office.

Worcester Cathedral's Royal Charters

Medieval Text by JosephusThe Friends of Worcester Cathedral have also funded the preservation of five of the cathedral's largest Royal Charters, which are now on display in the library. They are from the reigns of Richard II, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and William and Mary. This project took some twoyears to complete. 

Conservation of Medieval Manuscripts

The library has also recently been awarded a matched funding grant over the next three years by the National Manuscripts Conservation Trust in conjunction with the Friends of Worcester Cathedral. This will provide for conservators to make repairs to twenty-three of the manuscripts, and to have fifty-four boxes made for selected medieval manuscripts most in need of protection.

Medieval Medical Manuscripts and Infirmary Account Rolls

Medieval Medical Text by GariopontusThe Wellcome Trust has also funded a 12 month grant to repair and conserve ten medieval infirmary rolls from Worcester Cathedral priory, and to box ten of the medieval medical mansucripts in the collection. The cathedral has eleven medical manuscripts.

  • Haly Abbas tr. Stephen of Antioch Regalis Dispositio II (Ms. F.40),
  • Constantine the African's Theorica Pantegni (Ms. F.70),
  • miscellaneous 13th century medical colection of texts (Ms. F.85),
  • Gilbertus Anglicus, Compendium (MS. F.145)  
  • Constantine the Afrcian and Galen (Ms. Q.39),
  • Gariopontus's Passionarius Galeni (Ms. Q.40),
  • Miscellaneous 13th century medical collection of texts (Ms. Q.41),
  • Miscellaneous 13th century medical texts (Ms. Q.49),
  • Miscellaneous 13th century collection of texts (Ms. Q.52),
  • Various texts by Rhazes, and Nicholas of Salerno (Ms. Q.60),
  • and Galen's on Simple Medicine (Ms. Q.96).

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