Worcester Cathedral holds a variety of exhibitions throughout the year


6 March - 29 April

Via Dolorosa - Christ's Sorowful Way
Exhibition by local artist Sara Hayward
Around the Cathedral
6 April - 25 April
Tania March Exhibition 
Exhibition by Cathedral Artist in Residence
Dean's Chapel
1 May - 14 May
Travels with my Sketchbook
Exhibition by Philip Adams and schoolchildren of Peru
Dean's Chapel
17 May - 30 May
MAGGS Service Users artwork exhibition 
Dean's Chapel
18 May - 16 June
Voices and Visions Exhibition 
4 June - 20 June
The Holy Spirit Exhibition 
Dean's Chapel
6 July - 28 July
Walking Enchanted Ground
Exhibition by David Marl
Dean's Chapel
31 July - 14 August
Pilgrimage. An inner journey (Iona and beyond)
Exhibition by Sara Hayward MA (RCA)
Dean's Chapel
31 July - 26 August
Cutting Corners; Colour Works
Exhibition by Sara Hayward MA (RCA)
17 August - 14 September
Royal Charters
Exhibition about the charters held by Worcester Cathedral
Dean's Chapel
14 September - 29 September
Photographic Competition Exhibition
Dean's Chapel
5 October - 20 October
Icons of the 20th Century Exhibition
Dean's Chapel




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